Fastboil | Why we do it

Why we do it?

Simply to help our clients communicate better. In our information age, the messages are plentiful and confusing. We seek to sort out the essence and present it in a clear and direct manner.

We see our work as opening new possibilities for our clients, striving to take it one step beyond what was asked for.

In this regard, Fastboil realizes that some organizations may not have the resources to 'communicate better'; so each year, we choose one non-profit organization to aid in the creation of their website or another communication tool. (pro-bono)

Previous years included:
2015: Untypical Athletes
2013: Statistique et société, France
2012: Atelier Mlle Féfé, France
2011: Orchestre Paris Rive Droite, France
2010: Los Avispados, Spain
2009: Association Villageois, Cameroon
2008: Compagnons de la Nuit, France